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See the world, find out what is happening in your community and learn English, all with a subscription to The Japan News.


World news pages

Catch up on major news around the world with in-depth coverage from multiple sources.

In addition to our own regular international news coverage, The Japan News carries special weekly coverage from The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times of the United States, and The Times of Britain. We also carry an international news page every day from The Washington Post.

JN Learning Lab

Improve your language skills by reading articles in English alongside Japanese translations or explanatory notes.

We carry English articles on selected foreign topics and scenes from upcoming foreign movies, with Japanese translations or explanatory notes attached.

Our education pages cover up-to-date topics from the latest news stories to help our readers catch up on the news, while at the same time acquiring practical English skills.

Sports pages

Have as much fun as playing as you read about your favorite sport.

Articles cover a wide variety of foreign and domestic sports, including U.S. Major League baseball, where Japanese players are attracting unprecedented attention; soccer; tennis; golf and sumo.

Feature pages

Enjoy articles about a wide variety of hot topics both in Japan and abroad, including music, entertainment, travel, gourmet food, newsmakers, information technology, environmental issues and science.

The Japan News

Japan's leading English-language newspaper--is published by The Yomiuri Shimbun which has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Japan.

The Japan News is an excellent source of both domestic and foreign news.