The world inbound, Japan outbound ~The Japan News renaissance at the same price even after April

The Japan News is like no other English-language newspaper. Published by The Yomiuri Shimbun, the largest-circulation newspaper in the world, The Japan News is plugged into an extensive national and international news-gathering network. With these unparalleled resources, we are able to bring you in-depth, well-balanced coverage of events in Japan and around the world.

To even better provide you with the information you want and need, The Japan News will renew itself from March 1, offering more views from opinion leaders, stronger coverage of Japanese sports and more comprehensive views of pop culture.

1. Sending our message to the world

In the national politics section, we feature the English translation of the series “Japan-China Cold War” to give you an English-language look at the details of these diplomatic affairs. In “Message,” our new profile series on the front page from March 1, Japan News staff writers interviewed notable Japanese and foreign personalities who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

Also, we will improve our presentation of side-by-side English and Japanese texts of Yomiuri Shimbun editorials.

With the support of our global network, including The Washington Post and Asia News Network, we will be transmitting our news worldwide.

The Japan News will be evolving into the world’s source for news and viewpoints from Japan.

2. Expanding sports coverage

While The Japan News has excelled as a domestic paper covering international sports such as the Olympics, Major League Baseball and European soccer, starting every Wednesday from March we will be adding a special Nippon Sports page. We will cover all the bases of sports related to Japan and Japanese athletes, from star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka to Egyptian sumo wrestler Osunaarashi.

Our reports will bring you inside the game.

Every Sunday, as in The Yomiuri Shimbun, we will publish a “Welcome Tokyo Olympics: Olympic Word Book” with enhanced content, introducing English expressions that will be useful at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

3. Eye on pop culture

Through our expertise, we will bring you impactful news about Japanese pop culture with our new POP☆COOL section, a boldly designed spread appearing every Saturday. Working with Sports Hochi, we will bring you the latest about globally popular manga, anime, games, pop idols, fashion, and more.

In addition, we have the English version of the Sunday Yomiuri Shimbun comic strip “Neko Pitcher” featuring Mi-Taro, the fastball-throwing feline. How will his purrs and meows sound in English? Find out in our print edition on Saturdays.

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