Views of Japan~What Yuka sees in daily life (6)

Get your camera ready!

These are cherry blossoms at Ueno Park in Taito Ward, Tokyo, this morning (March 22). The someiyoshino variety, which is the most popular cherry blossom in Japan, has not yet bloomed in Tokyo. However, you can now enjoy these okan-zakura and shidare-zakura varieties at the park. What’s the difference between the someiyoshino and the other two types of cherry blossoms? I can’t explain very well, but you can definitely tell them apart. I think the flowers of okan-zakura are especially pink and the branches of shidare-zakura look similar to those of a weeping willow.

Last month, I was too lazy to go out and take photos because it was too cold. But now I realize if I don’t go out, I’ll miss seeing the seasonal beauty!

If you happen to stop by Ueno, don’t forget to bring your camera!

Both photos show okan-zakura.