Cycle (non)stop~Editor’s choice 6

On May 31, I had a chance to ride on the wooden track at the Izu Velodrome in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture. The angles of the curves are 45 degrees, and a rider must maintain a certain speed to stay on the slope. I was not able to cycle up to the highest points.

The velodrome, the nation’s first indoor bicycle track race course, is a part of Japan Cycle Sports Center, and a visitor can enjoy track racing, road racing, mountain biking and bicycle motocross at the center.

Except for the start and finish line, the five-kilometer road race course has no flat sections. Since a cyclist does not usually pedal downhill, it feels like an uphill battle all the way. But it is fun to ride a course where there are no motor vehicles or pedestrians. All you have to watch out for are deer.

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