Cycle (non)stop~Editor’s choice 8

The Haneda Otorii, a Shinto torii gate at the mouth of the Tama River, marks the downstream end of the north-bank Tamagawa Cycling Road. Cyclists who ride to the end of the cycling path take a rest by the gate before turning around to pedal back upstream. The torii is located on the periphery of Haneda Airport and is part of the Anamori Inari Shrine, which is about 500 meters from the gate. As the Haneda area was a fishing village and now hosts a major airport, the shrine offers good luck for air and ocean traffic, among many other things. The kanji characters on the top of gate read “heiwa” (peace).

From the torii gate, one can ride farther along a road on the premises of the airport beside the river, from where the elevated structure of Runway D can be seen above the surface of Tokyo Bay.