Views of Japan~What Yuka sees in daily life (12)

Hello mate! Long time no see!!

Recently, I met my friend from Australia for the first time in eight years. In 2006, when I was in university in Australia on a one-year exchange program, we lived in the same dormitory. He helped me a lot so I could have a great time there.

He flew in from London to spend two months in Tokyo on business. He speaks good Japanese because he learned the language for five years in his schooldays. So, I was determined to be his best guide in Japan and try my best to teach him the language and culture.

One photo is from Friday night (June 27) at a lesson of nihon buyo, or Japanese dance, in Ginza, Tokyo. It was the first time even for me to learn this kind of Japanese dance. My friend and I first were taught how to wear yukata summer kimono. Then we practiced dancing to the traditional Japanese folk song “Sakura Sakura” holding sensu Japanese folding fans. My friend Nate, left in the picture, was happy because the dance teacher, right, told him that he was better at Japanese dance than average Japanese beginners.

After the dance lesson, we went to an izakaya Japanese-style bar in Ginza. Another photo in today’s story is taken at the bar. He enjoyed sake and Japanese food such as yakisoba noodles and sushi. He says he has been constantly eating various Japanese food since his arrival in Tokyo a couple weeks ago.

I hope to share the charms of Japan with him as much as possible before he returns home.