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To bring our readers all the news from around the world, The Japan News is offering our subscribers digital access to The Washington Post. In appreciation of the positive response this partnership has been receiving from current and new subscribers, we are extending the offer through Dec. 31. We hope to provide this service to as many readers as possible, so we are also offering free one-week trial subscriptions.* Don’t hesitate to tap into the wealth of information available from The Japan News and our publisher, The Yomiuri Shimbun.

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Our partnership will provide Japan News subscribers with many exciting benefits. For 52 weeks, our readers will get free, unlimited digital access to Washington Post articles, photos and apps that are normally only available for a fee. Readers who start subscribing to The Japan News can take advantage of this fantastic offer. Current subscribers can apply to start using this service immediately (see chart at right).
Applying is simple. Go to our dedicated website ( and register your name, address and e-mail address. When we have confirmed you have a subscription, a code enabling access to these services will be sent by e-mail. Then go to The Washingon Post’s website and register as a user. Start reading and enjoy!

New ground for Washington Post

In May 2014, The Washington Post began partnerships on digital content with other U.S. newspapers, and already has formed such links with more than 130 newspapers. The Yomiuri Shimbun is the first newspaper outside the United States to develop such a tie-up with The Washington Post. Stephen Hills, president and general manager of The Washington Post, has welcomed the partnership with the Yomiuri. “We’re thrilled to now extend our international partnering with The Japan News. Our first international partner is a vital source of news for English-language readers in Japan, and we’re honored to join with them in this venture,” Hills said.

*For a free trial, call toll free 0120-431-159 (from mobile phones, please dial 03-3216-8866)

Readers already subscribing to The Japan News are not eligible for the free seven-day trial, and only one trial subscription is available per household or entity. Certain regions are not eligible for the trial. The Yomiuri Shimbun and Yomiuri Center delivery branch nearest the applicant’s address will obtain personal information, to be used by The Yomiuri Shimbun for such purposes as contacting subscribers and sending direct mail. The Yomiuri Center will use the information to deliver newspapers, collect fees and conduct other services.

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The special benefits for Japan News subscribers do not stop there.
Selected pages from The Japan News can be viewed on smartphones, computers and tablets as they appeared in the print edition. Called “The Japan News LITE,” this replica is available through our website and enables readers to browse through our articles as if they had a real newspaper in their hands. Text-to-speech for articles is also available. Whether you are on a crowded train going to work or school, or just have some spare time, these innovative tools for reading and hearing the latest news articles are perfect for English learners wanting to improve their language skills.
To use these special services, please register as a premium member on our website for The Washington Post Digital Partner Program. There are no additional fees for these services.

Exciting, new content on our pages

The Japan News has made some changes on our pages this month.

Pop&Cool gets even cooler

Bringing you the latest interviews and news about Japanese pop culture every Saturday, our Pop☆Cool section now delivers interesting information from all over Japan. Our bold, originally designed pages have become popular collector’s items among many idol fans. To ensure readers do not miss out on stories about their favorite stars or anime, our website carries announcements of upcoming features.

Tips for students abroad

Our “Living & Learning” column features reports by Japanese students currently at overseas institutions, including Stanford University. Their firsthand accounts and information about life on campus and the vicinity offer valuable insights for anyone thinking of studying abroad. This column runs once a month in our JN LearningLab section, which appears in our Thursday edition.

All aboard the Shinkansen tale

The English version of the hugely popular Yomiuri Online series marking 50 years since the Shinkansen started operating is carried on The Japan News website. Featuring breathtaking photos of views from the Shinkansen and file footage, “Shinkansen: A half-century journey” is a remarkable tale.

Book reviews

A new section, “Bound to Please” showcases recently released English books recommended by Japan News staff writers. It appears every other week on our Arts & Lifestyle Page, which runs on Fridays.

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Launched in 1955, The Japan News is the only English-language daily published by a Japanese national newspaper. In 1970, the newspaper’s name was changed to The Daily Yomiuri, and in April 2013, it was changed to its current name as part of a major overhaul of the newspaper’s content. The Japan News brims with eye-catching content including side-by-side English and Japanese versions of editorials and a Japan in Depth section, which analyzes topical Japanese issues.


Launched in 1877, The Washington Post has established itself as one of the premier U.S. dailies and is known for its trustworthy reporting, in-depth analysis and engaging opinions. In the 1970s, its investigative reporting into the Watergate scandal eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon and won the newspaper a coveted Pulitzer Prize. In October 2013, founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos bought the Washington-based daily and has embarked on a more proactive digital strategy.

Unless there is explicit agreement from the user, use of digital partner services provided by The Yomiuri Shimbun and The Washington Post will not change to a fee-paying service. When a subscription to The Japan News is canceled, the reader’s use of these free services will be terminated. To help us confirm you can use services provided under this partnership, please use the same personal details (including name, address and e-mail address) when registering with The Japan News and when applying to use the partner services. The Yomiuri Shimbun will not provide any reader’s personal information to The Washington Post. Information registered with The Japan News may be used by The Yomiuri Shimbun to provide readers with information about services and events.