e-book ‘Verification of ‘Comfort Women’ Issue’ on sale

The Japan News has published an e-book titled “Verification of ‘Comfort Women’ Issue: How were the historic facts distorted?,” which examines how false information was distributed regarding the so-called comfort women issue.

Since The Asahi Shimbun retracted some of its reports on comfort women in August on the grounds that they were based on false statements by the late Seiji Yoshida, there have been sweeping debates on the issue. This e-book is a compilation of translations from The Yomiuri Shimbun’s verification articles on the matter and aims to serve as the basis for calm and objective discussions on the subject in the world.

This e-book also contains English translations of key government documents, such as the Kono statement released in 1993 to express the government’s position on the comfort women issue, and “details of exchange between Japan and South Korea regarding the comfort women issue.”

“Verification of ‘Comfort Women’ Issue: How were the historic facts distorted?” is available as a Kindle format e-book that can be purchased for $4.98 or the equivalent at or


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  1. #1 Stephen Shaw

    Why did you stop the stock quote section of the printed version of the Yomiuri Shimbun? This was an extremely useful source of information for traders. I have not been able to locate an equivalent English publication and the lack of the one published by t