What’s Cool This Week (Jan. 15-21)


▶ Manga artist Go Nagai speaks about “Mazinger Z” and a new film adaptation of the work “Mazinger Z: Infinity” ▶ Piano duo Kenban Danshi breaks ground in the genre by playing pop music and original pieces as well as classical ▶ Style Files column ▶ Kanta on Manga column ▶ “Neko Pitcher” mangaSpeech

▶ Small rice cookers sell well among people who want to eat just one serving of freshly cooked rice ▶ Troubleshooter column


▶ A Cultural Affairs Agency measure to be implemented next fiscal year is aimed at boosting the domestic art market ▶ Bound to Please column ▶ Sugizo, the guitarist of popular bands Luna Sea and X Japan, talks about his own album featuring various artistsSpeech

JN LearningLab (for language learners)

▶ Microbiologist Ken Takai tells us how he improved his English skills ▶ Our “Sound Smart in Japanese for beginners” column will help you improve your spoken Japanese ▶ Our latest “Onomato-Pera-Pera,” which explains Japanese onomatopoeia in English with manga, focuses on expressions related to boxing matchesSpeech

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