Q: I can’t sign up with my e-mail address.
A: Were you once a free member of The Japan News? If so, log in to your JN membership account. Select “Account” menu item and click “Register for Premium Membership” to upgrade your membership status.

Q: I entered my e-mail address and the verification code in the first step to register as a Premium member, but I have not received a URL to proceed to the next step.
A: Please check your junk mail folder. E-mail from us may have been inadvertently sent to the junk e-mail box.

Q: I clicked the URL, but “Invalid URL” popped up on The Japan News website.
A: The URL may have timed out. You are advised to try again.
Or, part of the URL character string has been unexpectedly altered. If so, could you try to access the same URL—by first copying and pasting it into a text editor application (such as Windows’ Notepad or Mac’s TextEdit). In the application, erase the line break and then copy and paste into your browser.

Q: When I try to view The Japan News LITE, the message “Articles are archived for Premium Members” appears and when I try to use the text-to-speech service, the message “Become a Premium Member to use this service” pops up.
A: To use these services, you need to log in as a Premium member. Please enter your e-mail address and password to log in. The “Login” button is located at top right of our website.


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