I’m scared I’ll gain back weight I lost on my diet

The Yomiuri ShimbunDear Troubleshooter:

I’m a woman in my 40s, and I’m worried about my weight.

I started a diet five years ago after I panicked about my body, which was on the verge of metabolic syndrome. I began restricting my diet, such as avoiding greasy foods as much as possible and taking in fewer carbohydrates. I also tried to improve my lifestyle, by doing such things as using the car less and walking more. As a result, I lost 20 kilograms over three years.

But even though I’ve been on a diet for five years, I haven’t been able to control the quantity of my meals and between-meal snacks. So I gained back a little bit of weight.

I don’t want to eat deep-fried foods. However, I live with my parents, so I’m sometimes forced to cook deep-fried things and reluctantly eat them. I really don’t want to rebound, so I stopped eating out with my parents. I also fought with them once about what to eat while we were on a trip, so I’ve started going out with them less and less.

I can’t buy small-sized clothes that fit me now as I fear I may gain back weight. What I really want is to learn an effective way to control my diet by myself and enjoy dining and going on trips. Am I worrying about something that’s not really important?

N, Tochigi Prefecture

Dear Ms. N:

You lost 20 kilograms in three years. You said you’ve regained a little bit now, but I think losing so much weight was quite an accomplishment. I also think you shouldn’t worry about losing any more.

Your dissatisfaction with how you’re eating now, the anxiety you feel and the falling out with your family members may all stem from your weight control obsession.

You seem possessed by the idea that you must do this and that. I call it “the must obsession.” You firmly believe that you should lose weight, otherwise you will be ruined. Your mind focuses on that one thing, blinding you from everything else. You’re bound to it as a result.

Reducing weight is important, but it’s only meaningful if you can live a comfortable daily life while doing so. Each of us has our own optimum weight and physique. So you need to learn that vital data first and foremost. It will guarantee your healthy life on a daily basis.

I think it’s dangerous to manage our bodies all by ourselves. So go see a doctor for appropriate guidance. After that, why not just work with the method suitable for you?

Tatsuro Dekune, writer

(from April 1, 2015, issue)Speech

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