Q: Is The Japan News a daily newspaper?
A: The Japan News is published every day, including Sundays.

Q: I live outside Japan. Is there an electronic version?
A: No, sadly. But feel free to browse a selection of stories on our website.

Q: Can I subscribe for one copy a week?
A: We only offer monthly subscriptions.

Q: Where can I purchase a copy of The Japan News?
A: You can pick up a copy at many places, including stores at most major train stations, convenience stores and Yomiuri Centers. Call 0120-431-159 (toll free) to find your nearest sales outlet.

Q: Does The Japan News publish stories both in English and Japanese?
A: The Japan News is an English-language newspaper, but Yomiuri Shimbun editorials are published each day in Japanese and English. We also cover Japanese content on our English and Japanese education pages on Fridays.

Q: Who reads The Japan News?
A: The Japan News carries stories about Japan of interest to foreigners and tourists, in addition to in-depth analysis of hot topics that could help Japanese readers rediscover the nation. We also offer economic news valuable to businesspeople. The Japan News is also great for those learning Japanese and English.

Q: I want to suspend my subscription while I’m on vacation. What should I do?
A: Simply fill out this form and follow the instructions

Q: How can I register for premium membership?
A: Subscribers can register for free by clicking here.

Q: I want The Japan News LITE. What should I do?
A: The free service is only offered to subscribers who register for premium membership. After becoming a premium member, log on to our website and click The Japan News LITE banner on the right side.

Q: How do I get 52 weeks of free digital access to The Washington Post?
A: Access is only available for subscribers who register for premium membership. Check out the FAQ there for more details.Speech

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