Travelers’ Treasures / Sanriku Miyako no Kiwami Sanma [Kabayaki] (Finest broiled mackerel pike)

Yamaneshoten is located in the disaster-stricken city of Miyako in Iwate Prefecture that was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Though there is indescribable sadness, the love of the sea felt by the company president, Chieko Yamane, remains strong.

Yamaneshoten works hard to develop seafood products that are safe and can be eaten with peace of mind. The company believes that if additives harmless to the body when ingested in small amounts are contained in many foods, then the amount ingested is not small. It ingeniously elicits delicious flavors by looking to age-old knowledge of food preservation, such as fermentation and sun drying used when additives did not exist.

Sanriku Miyako no Kiwami Sanma [Kabayaki] is broiled mackerel pike with the fragrant aroma of green Japanese peppercorn, made with sweet cooking rice wine and soy sauce produced from 100 percent soybeans and wheat from Japan. Simply place the frozen mackerel pike in the pouch in hot water for five minutes to eat. The high-quality flavor is just right for welcoming guests at parties or on other occasions.

Price: ¥594

Manufacturer: Maruyama Yamaneshoten in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture (

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