Travelers’ Treasures / Choriso (Chorizo sausage)

Ibiza Smoke Restaurant is located deep in a mountainous region that has scarcely changed in the 26 years since its smoke shop opened.

The couple that opened the shop back then had lived on Ibiza island in Spain and learned the local flavors before returning to Japan. They built their own house, as well as a stone oven and restaurant. They started by making jamon serrano ham and salami as preserved food for the family, using methods from long ago that do not rely on synthetic additives, chemicals or sugars.

They use local Mino pork from Fukuoka, and the traditional methods they use to carefully salt-pickle and smoke the meat are said to be rare today, even in their original birthplace of Spain.

The flavor of this chorizo, which is aged in the city of Ukiha, where temperature differences are extreme, conveys the feelings of its creators’ gratitude for nature’s bounty. It also goes perfectly with wine.

Price: ¥800 per 100 grams

Manufacturer: Ibiza Smoke Restaurant

in Ukiha, Fukuoka Prefecture


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