Travelers’ Treasures / Soba Choko (Cup for dipping soba noodles)

Arita ware has a proud 400-year history. This soba choko (cup-sized porcelain dish for eating soba) decorated with traditional ai-iro (Japanese blue) paintings with additional gold leaf for a modern touch is the new expression of Arita ware. The gold is used to highlight the ai-iro, and the beauty of the pattern is further enhanced and brought to the forefront.

This Japanese dishware is practical not only in its original purpose as dishware for dipping soba, but also for sake, side dishes and desserts.

Expert’s comments: The concept of the brand amabro is “Reimagining Expression.” The Arita ware soba choko has successfully combined 400-year-old patterns with modern design sensibilities. It is a rare item that redesigns traditional values. (Shigeki Hattori, designer, creative director, representative of graf, and president of Decorative Mode No. 3 Design Products Inc.)

Price: ¥3,780

Manufacturer: Murakami Art Co.

in Meguro Ward, Tokyo


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