Travelers’ Treasures / Genki Flake (Brown rice flakes)

Regional groups united to create this processed food — JA Group Hiroshima provided the rice, Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen Two-Year College proposed the preparation method, and Seto Tekko carried out the processing.

To make this product, brown Akiroman rice grown in Hiroshima prefecture is subjected to high heat and pressure for 0.6 seconds and turned into flakes.

A characteristic of the flakes is that they are made using a unique method called instantaneous high-heat, high-pressure firing. This process differs from ordinary freeze-drying, in which the rice is first boiled and then dried, in that uncooked brown rice is processed, and therefore no flavor or nutritional value is lost from the original ingredients. Simply pouring hot water over them will produce brown rice porridge with the fragrance of just-cooked rice.

This quality brown rice is full of healthy vitamins, but was difficult to prepare in the past. Genki Flake makes this difficult preparation process simple. This technique has been certified by the Japanese government as a project that utilizes regional industrial resources, and has garnered high accolades.

Price: ¥390

Manufacturer: Seto Tekko Co. in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture (

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