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The “Premium Friday” logo unveiled by the government

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月末(げつまつ)の金曜(きんよう)は遊(あそ)ぼう! 月(げつ)末(まつ)の金(きん)曜(よう)日(び)は、いつもより早(はや)く会(かい)社(しゃ)を出て遊(あそ)びに行(い)こう! 2月から、「プレミアムフライデー」という取(と)り組(く)みを始(はじ)めようと、国(くに)や経(けい)済(ざい)団(だん)体(たい)がいろいろな会社に呼(よ)びかけています。





Let’s leave the office earlier than usual to have fun on the last Friday of a month!

The government and business organizations are calling for many companies to start a campaign called “Premium Friday” in February.

Employees can leave their office at 3 p.m. that day. By finishing their work early, workers can make time to go shopping or eat out with family or friends. The campaign is aimed at revitalizing the economy by encouraging workers to spend money during that time. In addition, “karoshi,” or death by excessive work, has been a problem recently, and the campaign looks to prevent people from overdoing things on the job.

In light of the “Premium Friday” campaign, some shopping districts are planning events such as a walk-and-eat tour. Tour companies also expect an increase in the number of people who plan to travel on these weekends.



呼(よ)びかける:call for

~するねらいがある:aim at ... ing

食(た)べ歩(ある)き:walk-and-eat tour

商(しょう)店(てん)街(がい): shopping district


12月22日付読売 KODOMO 新聞に掲載された記事の翻訳です



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