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What is needed is something to bring out the supple skin of the active woman. This was the thought behind the creation of SUVE brushes, one of the brands of Kumano brush, traditional makeup brushes produced in the town of Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture.

In its 180-year history, the Kumano brush has been used by international luxury cosmetics brands and is highly acclaimed. As they come into direct contact with the skin, Mizuho Brush wanted to make the ultimate brush set.

This is why SUVE brushes are tools that are completely handmade by skilled craftsmen in Kumano. Skincare using a brush that concentrates such an exquisite level of craftsmanship will realize an unparalleled degree of comfort and agreeability; when used it will bring back the true essence and beauty of a woman’s skin. A simple and subdued design for a form that will make it feel just like being in a salon or hotel beauty shop even when using at home. These brushes will play a role wherever there is a need for high-quality skin care.

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Manufacturer: Mizuho Brush Co. in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture (

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