Travelers’ Treasures / Inaniwa Tenai Udon (Handmade udon noodles)

Since the year 1665, for 350 years Inaniwa Udon has been made in Inaniwa-cho in the city of Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture, and is counted as one of the three major udon varieties in Japan.

The pure underground water of Mt. Kurikoma, the quality wheat grown in the area, and the salt gained from riverside trading, Inaniwa Udon was born from these ingredients, gaining roots as an agricultural off-season industry in the deep winter snows of the northern country.

Kanbun Gonendo Co.’s Inaniwa Tenai Udon is made by adding twists to the stretched udon and drawing a figure 8 with two sticks, for a unique Inaniwa method called tenai. This advanced craftsmanship results in noodles of even thickness and a full body. The thin, flat noodles make for smooth, satisfying eating that is sure to become a favorite.

Price: ¥3,240

Manufacturer: Kanbun Gonendo Co. in Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture


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