Travelers’ Treasures / Kyuemon Osuimono Omedetai (Japanese soup in a sea bream-shaped wafer)

In Japan, sea bream is associated with congratulatory wishes and is an item of good luck essential to celebrations.

Kyuemon Osuimono Omedetai, a clear soup contained in a sea bream-shaped wafer, is a product that is sure to please. Place the adorable wafer in a bowl, pierce it, and pour hot water over it. Amazingly, Japanese soup stock made from bonito, sea bream flakes, flower-shaped wheat gluten bread, dried green onion, yuzu and other ingredients appear one after another. Inside the wafer are also hidden letters that spell out “arigato” (thank you), just for a little bit of fun.

The product is made by Hayashi-Kyuemon-Shoten, a long-established dried bonito shop founded 130 years ago. Inspired by a mission to keep alive the culture of dashi (Japanese soup stock), the shop strives to produce umami, the best flavor. Drinking a clear soup that fully brings out the flavor of natural, high-grade bonito flakes and sea bream is one way to experience the dashi culture of Japan.

Price: ¥540 per set (two pieces)

Manufacturer: Hayashi-Kyuemon-Shoten Co. in Fukuoka (

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