Travelers’ Treasures / 48 Fuku Cochae (Wrapping cloth)

The Fuku Cochae was born from the collaboration between Kyoto furoshiki (wrapping cloth) maker Yamada Seni, and design unit COCHAE, who work on the theme of “fun designs.” This item is 48 centimeters square and made of 100-percent cotton.

When used to wrap a bento or gift, this cloth looks like a variety of fun designs and strange faces, such as the hyottoko, daruma, shishimai and Mt. Fuji. This playful wrapping cloth is filled with unexpected smiles. It has been popular since it first went on sale, with new designs arriving all the time.

The Cochae Series, which adds pop culture sensibilities to traditional Japanese motifs, is gaining the attention of those who are unfamiliar with furoshiki wrapping cloths, such as younger generations and people from overseas. Although other places around the world have a wrapping culture, none feature the combined practicality, beauty and soul of the Japanese furoshiki, which adds a touch of fun to this product.

Price: ¥864 each

Manufacturer: Yamada Sen-I Co. in Kyoto (

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