Travelers’ Treasures / Takaoka Ramune (Soda-flavored candy from Takaoka)

Takaoka Ramune is a long-standing Japanese candy shop established in 1838 that conceived of ramune, a soda-flavored candy that uses Koshihikari rice as its main ingredient.

The shape of each piece of candy is different, with a beauty that can be mistaken for rakugan (dried sweets made with rice flour and powdered sugar).

Handmade ramune that are small enough to hold on the tip of a finger are the product of tradition passed down by Japanese confectioners, with elaborately detailed, beautiful shapes that are tiny works of art. You can feel the tradition and commitment of a veteran Japanese confectioner with a history of nearly 170 years in these treats.

These fun ramune bear patterns symbolizing good fortune since long ago, such as kaizukushi, a seashell design, sea bream, takarazukushi, a design bringing good fortune and treasure, and hanazukushi, bringing in the flowers of the four seasons, as well as other shapes that tell a traditional Japanese story.

Price: ¥540 per package (10 pieces)

Manufacturer: Ohnoya in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture (

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