2020 venues outside Tokyo top ¥43 bil. / Estimates come as 6 prefectures still refuse to bear some costs

The Yomiuri Shimbun

The Yomiuri ShimbunA total of ¥43.74 billion will be needed to construct or improve 11 venues for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics outside Tokyo, according to estimates by the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, informed sources said.

The committee presented the estimates to the central and Tokyo metropolitan governments, as well as the six prefectures that are home to those facilities, the sources said.

Four-way consultations among the committee, central government, Tokyo and the six prefectures started in late January. However, since the six prefectures are refusing to bear the financial burden of building temporary facilities — which accounts for most of the costs — the talks are likely to face difficulties going forward.

According to the estimates, Hokkaido and Miyagi Prefecture, which will host soccer events, each need ¥2.7 billion; Saitama Prefecture, which will host golf, shooting and two other events, needs ¥18.7 billion; Chiba Prefecture, which will host wrestling and other events, needs ¥7.3 billion; Kanagawa Prefecture, which will host soccer and sailing events, needs ¥5.4 billion; and Shizuoka Prefecture, which will host cycling events, needs ¥6.9 billion.

Of the total, ¥5.2 billion will be used to construct or improve five permanent facilities that can be used after the Games. Building temporary facilities that will be demolished after the Games will cost ¥38.54 billion.

The committee initially planned to bear all the costs for constructing the temporary facilities. However, after a review of the total costs for hosting the Games, the committee and the Tokyo metropolitan government asked the prefectural governments to partly bear the costs.

The six prefectures are still refusing to shoulder the costs. In the four-way consultations, each party agreed to aim to reduce the total construction and improvement costs.

In December last year, the committee released estimates for temporary facilities to be demolished after the Games, including those in Tokyo, amounting to ¥280 billion. However, the details were not unveiled at the time.

A list of tasks each of the six prefectures needs to implement was presented in the consultations for the first time. The list includes 20 to 96 tasks related to security, transportation, medical services and other fields.

Because the blueprints for costs and roles have been presented, preparations for other costs and operations are expected to get into full swing.Speech

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