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歯(は)ブラシ 曲(ま)がり安全(あんぜん) みんなが毎(まい)日(にち)使(つか)う歯(は)ブラシには、思(おも)わぬ危(き)険(けん)がひそんでいます。くわえたまま転(ころ)ぶと、のどに突(つ)き刺(さ)さってケガをすることがあるからです。事(じ)故(こ)を防(ふせ)ぐため、専(せん)門(もん)家(か)たちは歯ブラシの首(くび)の部(ぶ)分(ぶん)を曲(ま)がりやすくするように、メーカーに求(もと)めています。





Toothbrushes — an item we use daily — can pose unexpected dangers, as they may pierce a user’s throat and cause injury if the person falls with a toothbrush in the mouth. To prevent such accidents, experts are asking toothbrush manufacturers to make their products more bendable at the neck.

A study by the Consumer Affairs Agency — an administrative institution of the national government — found there had been as many as 139 incidents since December 2010 in which children aged 6 or younger were injured by toothbrushes.

It’s difficult to make young children be careful about such a danger, so experts believe toothbrushes should be made safer.

If, for example, a toothbrush bends at its neck, it will not pierce the user’s throat in case of a fall. If the handle section is shaped like a ring, it won’t easily go deep into the throat.

Efforts are being made to prevent accidents by popularizing toothbrushes that feature various safety measures.



思(おも)わぬ危(き)険(けん):unexpected danger

(~を)くわえたまま:with ... in the mouth

~を曲(ま)がりやすくする:make ... bendable

転(ころ)んでも:in case of a fall


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