[Movie] High and dry

The Yomiuri Shimbun Iron pillars 10.8 meters tall soar from the ground to support a tsunami disaster shelter. The solid-looking facility is an evacuation tower built within a fish processing complex in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. Six years ago, a 5.4-meter tsunami hit the area, and survivors had to wait to be rescued while exposed to freezing wind. The new building can accommodate 214 people. The iron pillars and beams serve as the building’s legs to withstand tsunami, and the clearance between them allows debris and water to pass. The enclosed facility sitting on top can protect those inside from wind and rain. It stores food, drinks and blankets and also has a solar power system and a reserve battery. The tower stands only 200 meters away from the ocean, making it the closest among the four such towers built in the city. Construction of buildings for fish processing companies is under way around the tower. [Released on March 7, 2017]


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