Example sentences Travel English 特派員直伝とらべる英会話「別」は英語で…


The following sentences are related to the word 別 (betsu), which can have meanings such as “different,” “separate” and “another.” We hope you’ll remember the following expressions after listening to them repeatedly, which will expand your English conversation skills.

What is your plan B?


I already have plans that day. Can we make it on another day?


I went to a restroom on another floor but that was crowded, too.


I was thinking about something else and just spaced out.


I’d like to purchase this dress. Could you ask another shop to see if it’s still available?


This is a gift. So could you wrap it separately?


Thanks to good photo editing software, she looks like a different person in this picture.


My husband and I sleep in separate bedrooms.


It’s cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket than buying one-way tickets to and from the destination.


This dress is priced at ¥70,000, excluding consumption tax.


That restaurant has a “service charge” worth 10 percent of the bill.


Sushi at this restaurant is especially tasty.



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