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About 1,000 kinds of domestic and imported oral care products are sold at a Megadent store in Tokyo.

By Shigeyoshi Itagaki / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer With many people out there who surely enjoy a good meal, they would probably be happy to be able to eat using their own teeth no matter their age.

To maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is a good idea to choose the right equipment.

Megadent Japan Co.’s store in Tokyo’s Ginza district is famous for its lineup of domestic and imported oral care products. The store, specializing in oral care, sells about 1,000 kinds of products, including toothbrushes, toothpastes and interdental brushes.

“The areas of the mouth that can be cleaned using a single toothbrush are limited,” said Jun Sako, 48, manager of the store.

Combining two or more kinds of oral care products can help expand the areas of the mouth that get cleaned.

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He said a toothbrush should be replaced every month, though the timing depends on how spread out the bristles of the toothbrush have become.

Dentalpro Co.’s Black Super Compact Futsuu Haburashi is a type of toothbrush characterized by its black bristles. Platinum and other substances, which are highly efficient at removing plaque, are incorporated in the bristles.

Officials at the company said customers can brush their teeth only using water. The brush itself is small, making it easy for people with small mouths to use.

Be careful of gum disease

The older people are, the more careful they need to be about gum diseases and the overall health of their gums.

Kao Corp.’s Deepclean Yubi de Tsukau Haburashi is a type of toothbrush that can be attached to one’s finger. The products are made of silicon rubber. Users basically massage their gums and teeth while checking up on the conditions of their teeth and gums. Medium-sized models for women and large ones for men are available.

There are also various types of toothpaste.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co.’s Yakuyo Tomarina is a minty, orange gel that contains four kinds of medicated ingredients that facilitate the flow of blood in the mouth to help restore weakened gum tissue.

To keep breath fresh, it is also important to clean one’s tongue.

“Discoloration on the tongue can be removed by brushing it for a little bit,” Sako said. “As one need only do it in the mornings, I hope people will take care of [their tongues].”

Green Bell Co.’s Shita Cleaner comes as a set of a brush and spatula. The brush with soft and close-spaced bristles loosens up unwelcome matter on the tongue and the spatula scrapes it away. As the products are small, users can reach deeper parts of the tongue, which tend to become covered in plaque.

Oral care can contribute not only to preventing cavities, but also maintaining one’s overall health.

“As an increasing number of elderly people are keeping more teeth of their own than before, oral care is more important now,” said Noriko Kanazawa, a director of the Japanese Foundation for Oral Health Promotion.Speech

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