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The Yomiuri Shimbun

A woman stands next to a vehicle that will be used in the Roboneko Yamato delivery.

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好(す)きな場所(ばしょ)に宅配(たくはい) 実験(じっけん) ほしい時(とき)にほしい場(ば)所(しょ)へ、自(じ)動(どう)運(うん)転(てん)の車で荷(に)物(もつ)が届(とど)く。そんな未(み)来(らい)型(がた)の宅(たく)配(はい)の実(じつ)現(げん)を目(め)指(ざ)し、クロネコマークで知(し)られる運(うん)送(そう)会(がい)社(しゃ)のヤマト運(うん)輸(ゆ)と、インターネットの仕(し)事(ごと)をしているD(ディ)e(ー)N(エヌ)A(エー)が実(じっ)験(けん)を始(はじ)めました。科(か)学(がく)技(ぎ)術(じゅつ)を活(かつ)用(よう)した配(はい)達(たつ)(デリバリー)なので、「ロボネコデリバリー」と呼(よ)ばれています。





Parcels are delivered at a time and place requested by a customer in a self-driving car.

To realize such a home delivery service of the future, Yamato Transport Co., a delivery company known for its black cat logo, and DeNA Co., an internet business company, have begun a joint experiment. Because the delivery service utilizes technology, it has been dubbed Roboneko (robot cat) Yamato delivery service.

In the experiment, an electric vehicle carrying a box containing a package arrives at a location on the date and time selected by a user with a smartphone or tablet device.

When the vehicle arrives, the user enters a pass code and other information to open the box and removes the parcel. Users can choose the location to receive the parcel at by using the map on a touch screen, and select arrival times in 10-minute increments.

A self-driving vehicle is planned to be introduced along part of the delivery route. This is also expected to help solve driver shortages.




未(み)来(らい)型(がた)の:of the future

暗(あん)証(しょう)番(ばん)号(ごう):pass code

10分(ぷん)刻(きざ)みで:in 10-minute increments


4月27日付読売 KODOMO 新聞に掲載された記事の翻訳です


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