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The following sentences are related to the word “受ける” (ukeru), which usually means “to receive” or “to get.”

You can have fun learning how to express these ideas through a number of English expressions. We hope you will remember these expressions after listening to them repeatedly. This will allow you to expand your English conversation ability.

I want to be on a drip.


The writer was accorded a prestigious literary award for his most recent work.


I’ve received numerous literary prizes.


Since the novelist is a really good writer, I believe she deserved that prize.


In the past, the author received unfavorable reviews for a book he wrote.


Jealous of his talent, other writers attacked him, saying his writing is too poetic.


Despite being under pressure, I managed to write an amazing essay.


It’s quite understandable that readers are impressed by her powerful writing.


The journalist is highly esteemed in the international community and extremely popular.


In addition to her literary talent, I think people like her reserved personality.



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