Travelers’ Treasures / Juro Umeboshi (Pickled plums)

In old times, travelers in Japan used to carry umeboshi (pickled plums) as medicine because of their excellent antiseptic properties. In Japanese, there is a saying that “an umeboshi a day keeps the doctor away.”

Even today, traditional Japanese inns serve pickled plums as a side dish for breakfast as an expression of the hosts’ wish for the safety and health of their guests. The area of the Bessho Plum Orchards, where Shojyuen grows its plums, is blessed with crystal clear waters abundant in minerals flowing from Mt. Soga.

The soil contains gravel raised as the bottom of the sea upheaved, so the plums cultivated in that area have small pits and plump and juicy flesh. Once the sweet fragrance of the ripe fruit fills the orchards, the plums are pickled in pure raw salt without any additives, and then dried in the summer sun for about three days to preserve their plump texture. The plums are then aged for over a year, and only the most savory umeboshi are carefully selected and shipped to the market.

This product boasts the classic sour and savory taste of traditional pickled plums and has an excellent keeping quality at room temperature.

Price: ¥3,024 (700g)

Manufacturer: Shojyuen in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture (

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