Travelers’ Treasures / Hyakunen Densho Miso (Soybean paste made with 100 years of tradition)

Today the majority of miso is mass-produced in a short period of time by machines. However, Marukojozo Co. has continued to earnestly make miso that shares the local flavor since its establishment in 1898. All ingredients are made in Japan, and the main ingredients of soybeans and rice are hard-to-come-by local products. This means that only one vat can be prepared a year. It is the only rice/wheat/soybean miso in Japan that uses three types of the best rice malt produced only by hand by experienced craftsmen using wooden casks. The entire process is conducted by hand, including the mixing of miso and rice malt. Hyakunen Densho Miso is slowly matured for two years in continually used carefully mended cedar casks to produce an extremely rich flavor from times gone by.

Price: ¥1,080

Manufacturer: Marukojozo Co. in Ena, Gifu Prefecture (

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