Travelers’ Treasures / Ginjo Namakanzuri Rokunen Shikomi (Liquor containing Kanzuri chili paste aged 6 years)

The only ingredients added to the locally grown chilies are Japanese rice yeast, yuzu, and salt. Using no additives, this kanzuri is a fermented aromatic seasoning painstakingly aged for six years. During the peak of winter in January, preserved chilies are exposed to the snow. The snow has the effect of removing the bitterness and salt while increasing the sweetness. The red-stained snow is an impressive sight. By not heat-treating the peppers, their original flavors are retained.

Expert’s comment: With its deep spiciness and umami, as well as refreshing aroma of yuzu, kanzuri goes well with sashimi or vegetables. It is a fermented seasoning that can be used in place of salt or as a secret ingredient. Six years of aging gives it its smoothness but also means production is small. A rare taste created slowly over six years.(Yoshiaki Takazawa, owner chef at TAKAZAWA, chef)

Price: ¥1,080

Manufacturer: Kanzuri Co. in Myoko, Niigata Prefecture (

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