Travelers’ Treasures / Edo Sensu Gradation Sensu (Graduated color fan, Edo folding fan)

The folding fan first appeared in Japan around 1,200 years ago, and the traditional craftwork is still used daily in modern Japan. This Edo sensu is created by a single craftsman who has inherited skills that have been passed down since the Edo period. He carries out the entire manufacturing process, from making the paper to the finishing touches. While this folding fan is simple, it features a novel, left-to-right asymmetric design. When opened, one side of the fan is shorter than the other.

This creative idea that allows the fan to be fanned smoothly was created based on the craftsman’s policy of putting himself in the user’s place and devotion to product creation. The graduated color design is modern, stylish, and evokes the sophistication of Edo that still remains in Tokyo. The fan is a great product for its functionality as well as design.

Price: ¥4,320

Manufacturer: Edosensukobo Matsui in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo

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