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Hari Monogatari are sewing needles crafted in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan’s number one producer of needles. Needle production techniques have been passed down for over 300 years in Hiroshima Prefecture, and Hari Monogatari are the highest quality needles crafted with techniques passed down by the hands of artisans.

Although sewing needles are small, thin tools, they are extremely important to those who make things. Truly good needles are not disposable, but can be used for a long time for the same kind of needlework over and over again.

These needles can be used for a long time for smooth cloth stitching. You can feel the Japanese craftsmanship in the details. For example, to ensure that the needles smoothly pass through cloth, they are not plated but are polished with a vertical striping to keep the surface area that comes into contact with the cloth small. A cylindrical case is included to store these precious needles.

Price: ¥864 per box

Manufacturer: Tulip Co. in Nishi Ward, Hiroshima (

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