Travelers’ Treasures / Shitogi Natto Shoryu (Fermented soybeans)

Shitogi Natto Shoryu is created by a long-established natto manufacturer with a history stretching back more than 60 years, using a type of soybean called natto shoryu. Sourced from Ibaraki Prefecture, natto shoryu is an easy-to-cultivate variety of soybean which has received exceptional acclaim among natto manufacturers for use in natto. By using a special slow fermentation technique, in which the beans are allowed to ferment for a longer period of time than usual, before finishing the natto with softened water, the harsh and bitter flavors that can be found in soybeans are minimized.

Shitogi Natto Shoryu is the ultimate natto, considered delicious even among those who associate natto with ideas like “bad-smelling,” “bitter” and “harsh-tasting.” To make Shitogi Natto Shoryu even more enjoyable to eat, it is seasoned not with the usual imported dried scallions but with dried kujo scallions sourced from Kyoto. Finally, the sauce and karashi (mustard) served with this natto are completely free from all chemical additives, so they can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind.

Price: ¥216 per package

Manufacturer: Kanasago Foods Co. in Hitachiota, Ibaraki Prefecture (

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