Plastic wrap keeps food moist when microwaving

The Yomiuri ShimbunWhen heating food in a microwave, people sometimes wonder if they should put plastic wrap on it. According to Ayaka Asai, plastic wrap is most useful if you want to heat food while keeping it moist.

Asai is an official of the Fukuoka office of the Better Home Association, an incorporated foundation. Simmered, boiled and steamed foods can be heated with plastic wrap over them. Wrap shumai dumplings, Chinese steamed meat buns and other foods in damp kitchen paper and then put plastic wrap on them, so that steam is created inside as a result of heating, which makes them fluffier.

On the other hand, for dishes you want to keep crispy, such as fried food, including fried chicken and grilled fish, you should heat them without plastic wrap. When heating such food, place a paper towel on a plate so that excess oil from food is absorbed, which makes the dishes more delicious.

Plastic wrap should be put on lightly, not tightly, according to Asai. If you put plastic wrap on tightly, it will inflate due to steam, and when you open the microwave, the plastic wrap will cool and deflate, resulting in it sticking to the food. In particular, when heating soup and other liquids, there is a danger that high-temperature liquid will spatter when you remove the plastic wrap. You should be careful because if the temperature becomes too high, the plastic wrap could tear or even melt.

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