Travelers’ Treasures / KOKEMUSU CUP (Lacquered cup)

The definitive example of Wajima Lacquerware, a representative traditional craft of Japan.

The original lacquering technique KOKEMUSU is used, and this method results in an undercoating that becomes more transparent the more the cup is used, with a green undercoating showing through for an enjoyable color that changes over the years. A cup whose face changes over time is sure to become a well-loved piece.

Expert’s comments

The method that allows the lustrous green to emerge after the cup has been used for about a year and a half was discovered and refined by the playful spirit of the craftsman. This product is born of the special lacquer application methods that produce the traditional backing of Wajima Lacquerware and supple creativity. Enjoy changes that almost breathe with a life of their own, held in the palm of your hand. (Kengo Shibata, craftsman, representative at Nipponism, 4th generation owner of Kakuiwa Shibata Goki)

Price: ¥21,600

Manufacturer: Wajimanuri Studio RAKU in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture


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