Travelers’ Treasures / Koyomi Kokeshi Series (Series 1 “Hanakoyomi,” Series 2 “Tabikoyomi”) (12-month Kokeshi Doll Series, Series 1: Flower Calendar, Series 2: Travel Calendar)

Kokeshi dolls are a traditional Japanese handicraft originating in the Tohoku region around the end of the Edo period as a doll for children with a history of about 280 years.

The Koyomi Kokeshi Series are the result of techniques born in Sendai and passed down over many years. The exquisite skill and design of the traditional kokeshi craftsmen are wonderfully expressed in the face and body, showing the detailed and serious attitude of the Japanese craftsman. The design of the body painting features seasonal flowers and traditions by up-and-coming creators.

The change of seasons is expressed in the 12 kokeshi for a uniquely Japanese view of the seasons. Why not give this as a casual gift that showcases the flowers of the four seasons?

Price: ¥3,672 (Hanakoyomi), ¥4,536 (Tabikoyomi)

Manufacturer: Nanairo Inc. in Aoba Ward, Sendai (

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