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新幹線(しんかんせん)のイス ネットで販売(はんばい) 本(ほん)物(もの)の新(しん)幹(かん)線(せん)のイスや運(うん)転(てん)士(し)の懐(かい)中(ちゅう)時(ど)計(けい)が、インターネットで買(か)えちゃう!? 東(とう)海(かい)道(どう)新幹線を走(はし)らせているJ(ジェイ)R(アール)東海が、ウェブサイト「JR東海鉄(てつ)道(どう)倶(く)楽(ら)部(ぶ)」で、700系(けい)新幹線の部(ぶ)品(ひん)やグッズの販(はん)売(ばい)を始(はじ)めました。





Actual Shinkansen products, such as seats and a train driver’s pocket watch, were made available for purchase online.

Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai), the operator of the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train line linking Tokyo and Shin-Osaka stations, began selling items from its Shinkansen train services on Oct. 12. The items were from or related to the 700 series bullet trains.

The 700 series bullet trains are being gradually replaced with new train cars. JR Tokai said it decided to sell items online after enjoying large sales at an event.

The company sold about 400 units of 24 different kinds of items in its first round, made available on the JR Tokai Tetsudo Club (JR Tokai railway club) website. The items included driver’s chairs and Green Car (first-class) seats, priced at ¥80,000 each.

JR Tokai said most of the items sold out within one hour of going on sale.

“We will continue to sell Shinkansen items online. Please check our website,” a JR Tokai official said.



懐(かい)中(ちゅう)時(ど)計(けい):pocket watch

~に切(き)り替(か)える:replace with ...

第(だい)1弾(だん):first round

売(う)り切(き)れる:sell out


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