Travelers’ Treasures / Kusudama (Sweets in an edible shell)

The city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture is one of the top three producers of Japanese sweets in Japan. Because the tea ceremony has long been prevalent there, the city has a flourishing culture of Japanese sweets, which draw out the flavor of the tea.

The sweets delicately reproduce the beauties of nature and reflect the aesthetic sense of the Japanese people who are attuned to seasonal change. The beautiful sweets became popular among the commoners and essential to events marking life changes and seasonal events.

Kusudama from Moroeya, a Kanazawa shop in business for over 160 years, is a special sweet made for celebrating New Year’s.

A rice cracker made from glutinous rice is shaped into a ball and decorated with the auspicious colors of red and white. Break it open as if opening a treasure chest to reveal a number of tiny and delightful dried confections. It is a perfect way to celebrate the New Year with friends and family.

Price: ¥1,296

Manufacturer: Rakugan Moroeya in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture


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