Travelers’ Treasures / Balsamy Apple (Apple vinegar)

Kanesho is a venerable old Aomori brewery for miso paste and soy sauce with history of more than a century. The company spent ten years developing and refining Barrel-Matured Balsamy Apple as one of its signature products. It is made only with ripe apples from the local Tsugaru region. First, apple juice is carefully condensed and fermented over a long period of time using an original fermentation technology. Next, the fermented brew is slowly matured in oak barrels. The result is a rich yet mild vinegar with the sweet-sour flavor of freshly grated apples.

Expert’s comment: The product can be used in the same manner as ordinary balsamic vinegar: in salad dressings, ice cream sauces, or mixed with carbonated beverages. The naming of the product is brilliant. It is unusual and exotic, yet clear enough to enable consumers to immediately get a vivid image of the flavor and content of the product. Balsamy Apple will make the perfect travel gift. (Rie Sakanishi, President and CEO at Ryori Tsushinsha Co.)

Price: ¥1,296

Manufacturer: Kanesho Co. in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture (

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