Travelers’ Treasures / Jinko Oko to Aritayaki Kotate Set NAMI(Aloeswood incense & Arita Ware incense holder set)

This incense holder set was made by a world-famous Japanese designer who combined incense from the over 400-year-old city of Sakai in Osaka Prefecture and Arita porcelain from Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. The natural and mellow incense is prepared from the rare high-quality aromatic agarwood tree.

The design from incense to holder to packaging was created by Ken Okuyama Design, led by Kiyoyuki Okuyama, the industrial designer known as the only non-Italian to have ever designed a Ferrari. The Arita porcelain incense holder, which has a unique lazuline color, gives off such a strong presence that it could be used as an interior objet all by itself. It is included with the jinko incense in an attractive box, making it the perfect gift.


Manufacturer: Baieido Co. in Sakai Ward, Sakai (

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