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Awamori is the signature alcohol of Okinawa, but Ie Rum Santa Maria is made from sugarcane that is 100 percent harvested on a small remote island.

Unlike ordinary rum made through distilling molasses, a residue of sugar manufacturing, Ie Rum Santa Maria is a luxurious agricole rum obtained by distilling the fresh sugarcane juice. The name of the product originates from the pure white Easter lily which blossoms on Ie island in spring. In the Western world, the white lily is beloved as a symbol of Saint Mary.  

Expert’s comment

The Ie-jima Distillery was established at the facilities that were handed over to the manufacturer after research, completed in 2011, on bioethanol using sugarcane was carried out on Iejima island.

The production process is overseen by young local distillers. In addition to the exquisite taste, the appeal of this product is enhanced by the excellent sense of the manufacturers who present in a new light a familiar local ingredient and their positive attitude in efficiently utilizing existing facilities. (Rie Sakanishi, President & CEO at Ryori Tsushinsha Co., Ltd)

Price: ¥2,700

Manufacturer: Iejima Bussan Center Co. in Ie, Okinawa Prefecture (

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