Travelers’ Treasures / Ukiuki Ukkin (Powdered turmeric)

Ukiuki Ukkin (Powdered turmeric) is made from wild turmeric cultivated on Iriomotejima island in Okinawa Prefecture. Turmeric is a spice used in Indian cuisine and was brought to Okinawa in the 14th-15th centuries during the reign of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It has been treasured as a folk medicine with antimicrobial and detoxification effects.

Research also shows that the essential oil constituents contained in abundance in wild turmeric have the power to improve immunity. Wild turmeric is carefully grown on Iriomotejima island, which has a virgin forest, without any agrochemicals or chemical fertilizers.

It is nurtured by the rich earth and wealth of nutrients contained in spring water. After harvest, it is sliced and slowly dried for three days with far-infrared rays at around 38 C. The health food product is made without damaging enzymes, which are susceptible to heat.

Price: ¥3,065

Manufacturer: Iriomotejima Ukkin Kumiai in Taketomi, Okinawa Prefecture


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