Travelers’ Treasures / Sakura (Cheese)

Hokkaido, blessed with expansive land, is the foremost dairy farming area in Japan. Kyodo-gakusha Shintoku Farm makes cheese unique to the climate and natural features of Hokkaido.

Sakura is a smooth cheese made with yeast instead of white mold that is matured on top of cherry blossom leaves. One bite, and a refined aroma of cherry blossoms envelops the palate. A slight acidity and sweetness blend together in perfect balance.

That great taste has been recognized overseas as well. Sakura was the first cheese in Japan to win the gold medal in the Mountain Cheese Olympics, a prestigious cheese contest in Europe. The unlikely combination of cheese and cherry blossoms surprised cheese connoisseurs around the world. The presentation of the sakura flower with the cheese is also attractive and is a tasteful touch that brings to mind delicate Japanese sweets. It is truly a made-in-Japan, world-class cheese that was born of a Japanese sensibility.

Price: ¥702 (when bought directly from maker)

Manufacturer: Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm in Shintoku, Hokkaido


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