Travelers’ Treasures / Ageha-cho Sleeve Dress/Ajisai Hanagara (Flower-print dress with swallowtail butterfly sleeves)

A luxury silk dress made in a well-established factory shop for Kyo-yuzen, a Kyoto-style dyeing technique, with original designs.

Hyakkado uses a novel design based on a kimono’s obi belt motif to create a well-balanced fashionable dress of lady-like lines. One-piece dresses are made using the Kyo-yuzen method of dyeing originating in Kyoto, and belts are also available in high-class weaves such as Nishijin fabrics or Saga nishiki brocades.

Expert’s comment

Taking the sense of a traditional kimono and applying it to an everyday dress — that is the very essence of the world of modern Japonisme. Development based on a firm understanding of kimono fabric is what helps to retain the qualities that only a kimono possesses. This is a dress that binds tradition with the modern. (Yoshiko Ikoma, general producer at Future Tradition WAO, fashion journalist and art producer)

Price: ¥64,000

Manufacturer: HYAKKADO in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto


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