Travelers’ Treasures / SØ HOLM SMOKED OIL

A highly aromatic smoked oil made from rice bran oil using the patented Kazusa Smoke technique, a process for creating smoked liquids. Simply drizzle over food to add a savory smoked flavor to any dish. The Kazusa Smoke technique, born from the revolutionary idea of adding smoky flavor to liquid, made this unconventional oil with smoky accents a reality.

This healthy rice oil contains plenty of vitamin E and is made from 100% Japanese rice. Rich in antioxidants and resistant to heat-induced changes, rice oil helps to keep food tasting great for a long time. With no additives or preservatives, this versatile oil can be served to family and friends with confidence. Great with either side or main dishes.

Price: ¥1,620

Manufacturer: ACTUS Co., Ltd. in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo


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