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Aspiring to offer safe, healthy, and delicious jakoten, the fried fish cake specialty of Uwajima in Ehime Prefecture, this company uses no preservatives or artificial flavoring and does as much of the work as possible by hand. It carefully selects haranbo (lanternbellies), mutsu (Japanese bluefish), and other small fish caught in the Uwakai Sea, then grinds and pounds the fish to form fish cake patties that are individually and carefully fried.

The unique preparation techniques bring out the very best flavors, and only solar salt is added for seasoning, along with a secret ingredient (homemade sweet amazake alcohol made from fermented rice). Cooked and toasted until they become plump and soft, these delicious jakoten fish cakes are deep fried for one minute in 180 C oil.

In addition to the standard Jakoten product, the company also offers Yasai Jakoten packed with onions, carrots, and burdock root, and thicker Oni Jakoten fish cakes. All come vacuum-packed to keep them fresh longer.

Price: ¥810 for Jakoten sealed pack of five

Manufacturer: Uwajima Nerimono Kobo Miyoshi in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture


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