HAJIME’S VIDEO LAB / Wow, I totally won ¥10 million!


Hajime, right, holds up the trophy after winning in the “I want to see what happens next” category of the UUU-1 Battle video contest in November.

By Hajime / Special to The Yomiuri Chukosei ShimbunHey, readers, Happy New Year! It’s Hajime. It’s the start of 2018, so I know it’s normal to talk about your New Year’s resolutions right around now, but I have to say I’ve been firing on all cylinders since the very start of the year. That’s because I’m using the ¥10 million I won at last year’s “U-FES.” to put my all into the videos I’ve been uploading.

For you YouTube newbies out there, U-FES. is an event featuring all the popular creators from UUUM, the entertainment agency I belong to, to give fans a chance to hang out with them for the day. At last November’s U-FES., there was a new video contest called “UUU-1 Battle!” that came with a grand prize of ¥10 million. I won in the “I want to see what happens next” category. Cue the applause!

The winning video was a musical that took three weeks to make. In the story, I pass a girl who drops her handkerchief, and I fall for her at first sight and try to get the handkerchief back to her. There’s slapstick in it, and right when the girl finally notices me and turns around to look at me, the video abruptly ends. I totally played with the straight-up feeling viewers would get: “I wanna see her faaace” (lol).

I can’t get my head around what ¥10 million is like, so I’ve decided to divide it into ¥1 million blocks to make all kinds of videos. So far I’ve only used over ¥1 million on two videos, so I think I can make some pretty incredible videos that you’ve never seen before from here on out. Please check them out when you can!

* * *

Hajime, 24, comes from Toyama Prefecture. He is a YouTuber with more than 5 million subscribers on his account ( His videos have a unique twist and are very popular, particularly among young people.

This article is a translation of the Hajime column that appeared last Friday in The Yomiuri Chukosei Shimbun, a weekly paper for junior high and high school students. The original Japanese text and the translation will be carried alongside each other in the paper on the final Friday of every month.Speech

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