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The following sentences contain expressions featuring the word “もらう” which is read “morau” and usually means “obtain.” It also means to “get something done with help from others.” We hope you’ll remember the following expressions after repeating them to help expand your English conversation skills.

Can I ask for a discount?


I had my friend help me with my homework.


If you want to open a restaurant, you have to obtain permission from the local public health center.


I got a letter from a friend who lives in Hokkaido.


I caught a cold from my colleague in the office.


I want people to stop using smartphones when they ride bicycles.


The story was so sad that it made me cry.


Those fruits are a gift from my uncle.


It is sometimes really tough to earn money by working at a company.


At yesterday’s soccer match, I thought “We won the game,” when we scored the second point.


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